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15 Reasons Why You’re Still Unemployed

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Unemployment in Nigeria

Being unemployed is no fun. Today’s economy is a challenging place to find a job. It’s a difficult job market with tons of competition in nearly every job and every industry. It’s tough. We know.

There are still jobs out there. The Job Board has thousands of job listings that are updated daily. After you find the perfect job listing, you still need to tweak your resume, craft a cover letter, apply correctly, and cross your fingers for an interview. It’s a long tedious process.

Finding a job is hard. Here are a few reasons why you’re still unemployed:

  1. Poor Interviewing Skills – The interview is the first opportunity to make a good impression in person. If you don’t shine in the interview, you most likely won’t get the job. Take the time to prepare, research, and give off the impression of excellence.
  2. Lack Of A Professional Network – Most jobs are found via your contacts. If you don’t spend more time building a reliable, professional network, you will eliminate yourself from the entire hidden job market.
  3. Unprofessional Appearance – Most companies have an image to uphold. If you come in looking sloppy with tattoos and piercing all over, it may affect your chances of getting hired.
  4. Overqualified – If you’re overqualified, employers will assume that you will be bored and feel entitled to something bigger and better.
  5. Underqualified – If you have no experience, certifications, or related job skills, you most likely are not going to get hired.
  6. Bad Attitude – Positivity is contagious. If you’re a negative person, turn that frown upside down. Being positive will make a huge difference in every stage of the job search.
  7. Disregard For Directions – Every job listing and application process has specific instructions. Follow them exactly. If you don’t, an employer will not be impressed.
  8. Being Unprepared – Preparation is key. Have your resume ready to go. Research the company. Be prepared for the interview.
  9. Lack of Communication Skills – Most jobs rely on effective communication. If you forget to return a phone call or reply to an email, that will not make you look good.
  10. You Don’t Stand Out – There is a lot of competition for jobs right now. If you don’t make yourself memorable, you won’t stand out. That hurts your chances of getting hired.
  11. Typos And Errors – Your resume and cover letter need to be error free. Proofread it until it’s perfect. Then proofread it again before you apply for a job.
  12. Negative References – Many employers require references. If you’ve burned some bridges in your past professional roles, beware of how that may affect you during the hiring process.
  13. No Web Presence – Every employer does a Google search for you to see what you’re really about. A web presence can help you  or hurt you. Create a website or blog that highlights your professional experience and get rid of any scandalous images of you on social media.
  14. Applying To The Wrong Jobs – Have a plan. Apply to jobs that match your goals, personality, and experience. Avoid the ones that don’t.
  15. Holding Out For A Job That Doesn’t Exist – We all have the ideal  perfect job. (Maybe one that pays you huge sums of money just to play and be alive?) Most awesome jobs require that you work toward your goals through experience, raises, certifications, etc. It may not be wise to hold out for the ideal job because it may not exist. Or if it does, you may not be qualified.

Is it time to readjust your job search to be more employable? Everybody has to put the time and effort in to the job search before they get hired. With a few small adjustments to your job search, you might become the ideal candidate. Are you ready to say goodbye to being unemployed?

Contributed by Derek Lennon

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