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Six Skills That Will Keep You Alive In The Business World

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The line between work and personal life has become more blurred. In the chaotic modern labor market, both workers and employers struggle to complete their work in a normal eight-hour day. Marriages break under the strain of constant work interruptions. The workplace has changed dramatically, and we need new skills to survive and thrive. The key question for you is: Do you want to take steps to create a more balanced and successful life? If so, here are some key skills you need to master.

1. Mentally Process Information Faster

One of my business partners says to think of your brain as a “biocomputer.” It possesses tremendous processing power that you can intentionally trigger and direct to process information more effectively. When your brain is better organized and fully functioning, any cognitive work is easier.

There are several habits you can include in your daily life to help achieve this:

• Get enough sleep.

• Meditate.

• Take some time off when you need to.

• Eat healthy foods.

• Be socially active.

• Always try to learn something new, like a language, sport or instrument.

Our habits and emotional intelligence, while not directly linked to the world of business and entrepreneurship, can have a great impact on our effectiveness and success.

2. Learn To Unlearn

Changing perspectives easily leads to creativity and innovation. Learning to unlearn involves thinking more flexibly and requires training your mind to think differently.

Times and industries change. In order to unlearn, you must make sure you have an open mind and you’re willing to break paradigms — to think in a totally new and different way.

3. Understand The Big Picture

I believe that putting aside assumptions is the best way to think big. Think about what assumptions you and your team are making about problems within your company, and about what would happen if you were not making those assumptions. Usually, after doing this exercise, teams can begin to take a broader view.

4. Pay Attention And Concentrate

Living in a multitasking world has taken a toll on our brains’ ability to focus. Research has long shown that when we focus on important tasks, more gets done with better results. This ability applies to almost everything we do. Think of it as being in the zone.

Make sure you focus on one thing at the time and put distractions and electronic devices away to improve your productivity.

5. Self-Direct Your Learning

There is so much free knowledge available to us. It’s just a matter of taking some time for yourself and your educational and professional development. Take advantage of online material that can improve your skills, such as courses, articles and videos.

6. Sort Through Various Information Sources Efficiently And Effectively 

In today’s digital age, no one complains that there is too little information. The challenge is to find what is useful, accurate and relevant among the multitude of sources without falling into distractions.

When you conduct a focused, systematic search for information, it’s always important to first rely on primary sources, such as research articles, historical documents and literary texts, and then similar secondary sources.

These skills are essential for success in today’s marketplace. They allow us to innovate, reinvent ourselves and adapt to the conditions of today’s market. A lot of stress comes from the lack of these skills, which are now mandatory requirements for work. The good news is that all these skills can be learned.

Just as companies must constantly innovate in order to stay competitive, entrepreneurs and employees must keep up to date and trained professionally, technically and even emotionally to be competent, productive and effective in their daily tasks. Forbes Business Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners and leaders. Do I qualify?

Kevin Leyes
Contributed by Kevin Leyes. Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company and brand.

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